Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide Podcast

Greetings, traveler! Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide is an Actual Play storytelling podcast that takes you on guided audio tours of home-brewed campaign settings created by dungeon masters and storytellers across the infinite multiverse of tabletop roleplaying games. This unique addition to Actual Play podcasts seeks to explore the worlds behind the adventure, to discover the unique sights and sounds – and must-see happy hour deals on enchanted margaritas – that adventurers never have time to enjoy.

Your real host is Denzeri Tipota, famed bard, explorer, and kinda-sorta metadimensional fugitive, who interviews NPCs and tries to bring us along on a nice vacation without getting into too much trouble. He’s played by Dan Abbott, much less-famed writer, performer & forever DM, who chats with guests about their world building and influences. In a world of big budget cinematic universes, the ones we create for ourselves can be just as imaginative and far more immersive.

Join us here at REM Travel Guide (a subsidiary of Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Agency)…we have worlds to show you.

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