Who am I? I’m Dan Abbott. Writer. Storyteller. Performer. Humorist. Adventurer. Irritainer. I hope you enjoy this incomplete collection of collected bits and pieces which have fallen out of my brain.

I have been creating and performing for over 25 years, and show no signs of stopping. As a producer of original content, I have worked in a wide variety of media, including:

I am trained as an anthropologist and journalist, and have worked at turns as a touring musician, a high school science teacher, a filmmaker, a carnival sideshow performer, an author, and an itinerant dungeon master for hire. I’ve run sledgehammer work gangs in the desert and picked apples in New England. I’ve organized free 100-band festivals, helped survey an entire city, and helped companies find their ideal brand voices. I’ve dined with members of Congress and shotgunned beers with rock stars. I’ve been an award-winning cartoon character on the screen and and a cowardly Old West outlaw on a stage. I’ve made documentaries and been the subject of a couple of them. I’ve fought in karate tournaments, hopped trains, built portable houses, and helped launch flaming pianos from a trebuchet.

In short, I have lived a life of adventure and incredible stories that I would not trade for anything. My years as an independent creator with little to no financial backing have made me a resourceful jack of all trades and master of a few. These days though, I appreciate a bit more domestic tranquility; a quiet night at home with my dog is more than enough excitement for me.

But I know my world could change on a dime; the Call of Adventure can come as suddenly as the changing of the winds. If you have a job that needs doing, a problem that you need solved, or perhaps most importantly, a story you need told… I may be able to help you. Shoot me a message at irritain@gmail.com.

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