September 2007: “‘Hengefolk!”

Oh, how my castle pleases me!

From the tattered skull-axe-rainbow battle standard flapping at its topmost tower to the fetid dungeons where my bicycle hangs in silence!  My impenetrable fortress sits at the top of a great hill, from where I can almost gaze upon the villagers, who hide in their huts frightening children with my name. From here, they look almost…miniature.

Yes, here’s to the little people, the regular folks who shoe our steeds, embroider our kerchiefs and cut the crust off the sandwiches. Zombie Dan here, your lurching Lich of Leisure for the D&D Minis community at Gamescape North!  Surely the lowly NPC peasant has dealt with enough senseless tragedy this summer, usually because big folk make a mess of things. Last month the idyllic 2-dimensional mining town of Balonium Flats was the scene of mayhem and destruction, as three 500-point warbands faced down a black dragon… and each other! They probably should have banded together, because nearly everyone became dragon snacks.

It’s hard enough to pick up the pieces after a dragon rampage. But then, right in the middle of rebuilding efforts, villagers started disappearing! Granted, your average tavern brawler wasn’t spending his day rebuilding much anyway, but more on that later.

For this month’s game we take a journey far across the ocean, to a mystical shrine, where the children dance to the pipes of Pa-ha-han… Saturday, September 29, prepare for…


Those darn Halflings. We knew there’d be trouble when they found that forgotten goblin shrine, millennia-old shards of alien rock the old Goblin Empire erected back in the Green Age. And can you believe the Halflings thought it would make a good tourist trap? They named it “the ‘Henge”, and sold meat pies and ale not 10 yards away. It began to draw a pretty respectable crowd. Well, not “respectable” exactly, but large and hungry.

Well, of course the trouble started when the gnomish Academy came on a field trip. They went around it widdershins, and vanished. Then all kinds of weirdness began to happen. Now everyone’s fighting for control of the arcane powers of the ‘Henge, and for the last meat pie….

The long and short of it:

Saturday, September 29th, come join us for another exciting D&D Miniature adventure.  This month’s warbands will be 200 points (no Epic). To win the game, you must annihilate your opponents or gain control of the Goblin Shrine. You get victory points for occupying it alone. And every magic spell cast from within the shrine will summon one 3-point to 5-point miniature of the caster’s choice. Yes, that’s right, folks. Bring a pile of your weakest minis. The magic of the ‘Henge will summon them to your aid. I have quite a few from each alignment, so if you don’t have any weaklings, talk to me.

Also, the Halfling Pie Booth will be up and running nearby. The Halflings have only a few pies left, but the ones that do will heal some of your hit points.

If you have questions about this game, drop me an email at zombiedan (at)

The fun starts officially at 1pm, but try to be there by noon or so to sign up, shop around, and get into character. I’ll be there setting up and pouring coffee down my gullet. See you there!


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