October 2007: Dead Man’s Party!

Greetings from the Shadow Realm! Zombie Dan here, Gamescape North‘s undead emissary to the D&D Miniatures nation. When I first designed this pocket dimension for the location of my winter home, Chateau du Zombie, I had no idea how much work it would be. In the plane of Shadow, it’s very difficult to decorate. The hardware store doesn’t carry lightbulbs, for one thing. And try hanging up a 70-yard-long tapestry in soul-chilling darkness! Luckily, the drow elves are quite good at that sort of thing, and I’ve found a crew that works for very reasonable wages. I have been noticing, however, that my house is just crawling with Spiders of Llolth. I could’ve sworn I heard them rustling around in my enchanted silverware. I’ll have to bring in the dwarven exterminators once the drow are done…

Unfortunately, I won’t have the place ready in time for Halloween, my favorite time of year. But not to worry. The bearded wizards at the top of the glittering Gamescape Spire have kindly agreed to host a special, extra-spooky dungeon crawl October 20, 2007! More about that in a bit.

Last month’s game, ‘Hengefolk!, boasted a six-player showdown that spanned two maps. It was an especially well-roleplayed game on everyone’s part, and I’d like to thank all the parents who let our young champions stay a little late. The goblin team carried the day, reclaiming their ancestral shrine after a vicious brawl at the base of the Halfling tourist attraction. Raistlin Majere was on hand, greedily gobbling halfling pies to increase his meager strength, even as his supposed ally, Drizzt Du’Urden , was cut down by the mindflayer lich. Mina the Dark Cleric, meanwhile, was also busily breaking her diet, as her twin Bone Naga attendants lightly frosted her opponents… with cones of cold!

This month, we return to the Castle of Count Strahd Von Zarovich, for a very special redux of our Castlevania-themed adventure. When the sun sets, and the moon peeks out from behind ominous storm clouds, evil comes out to play. When the wolf gets into the punchbowl, watch out. It’s a Dead Man’s Party:

Count Strahd was never a likable person, even in life. He was reknowned for his cruel pranks and arrogance, which earned him some very unpleasant nicknames. Sneaking a rot grub into a cocktail is considered bad party etiquette, but Strahd found it endlessly amusing. Becoming a vampire didn’t change him much, except now his parties were all held at night, and everyone ordered the same drink.

His unspeakable cruelty went on interrupted for 700 years, terrifying the poor peasants who scratched at the barren soil in the shadow of Castle Ravenloft. Each year, they dutifully offered up livestock and first-born children, terrified of Strahd’s unearthly powers.

But enough is enough. The dwarven stonemason’s guild is tired of building endless dungeon corridors for no pay. The druid gardener has been on strike, and the carnivorous roses are out of control! Worst of all, the village priest has been stirring up the peasants. I can hear them out there, banging on the front gate with pitchforks and ale mugs.

How embarrassing! Right in the middle of Strahd’s Halloween party. All the local undead were there, and they’re more than happy to lend a hand escorting the warm-blooded gate crashers back out the door. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?

Saturday, October 20th, join a special presentation we’ve put together for our D&D Minis community. All players will be running 100-point GOOD WARBANDS. Got it? No evil warbands. You’ll be facing down Count Strahd and his whole crew, played by yours truly, Zombie Dan, and the always unpredictable Wandering Shawnster. Find heart-filled treasure chests to regain hit points! Catch special weapons to increase performance! And if you are short on good guys, never fear. I’ll have some premade warbands so you can jump right into the action. If you have your own warband, please get in touch with me at zombiedan@gmail.com

I ain’t afraid of no ghost. But just in case, we’ll meet at noon. Play begins around 1pm. Come one, come all!


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