November 2007: Tavern Riot!


Zombie Dan here yet again, Gamescape North‘s liason to all you lords of the Lilliputian! November is a special month, especially for those of us who roll the polyhedra. To celebrate 30 years of D&D, Wizards of the Coast has decreed November 3 Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Day, and they’re ringing it in colossal-style. Around this tiny blue sphere we call home, gamers will be raising their fists in unison, giving the dice an extra shake for old time’s sake.

Gamescape North, of course, has never shied away from an excuse to celebrate. And oh my goodness, wait’ll you see what they have lined up. You’ll walk out of that place with d20s instead of eyeballs! Oh, wait. That was supposed to be a surprise… Sorry, Darren…

In any case, it has fallen to me to take care of the Minis maniacs, which I will certainly do. I know you’re as giddy as I am about the forthcoming release of Desert of Desolation, the latest addition to the D&D Minis game. Fear not, my friends. Come to Gamescape North on the 3rd, and you will be treated to a special glimpse of the new set, as well as prizes, doodads, and other jaw-dropping awesomeness that will have you quaking in your girdle of giant strength.

Another recent development for local gamers is the lauch of Gamescape North’s website, which is becoming a gathering place and forum for gamers of all stripes to keep in touch and discuss finer points. I’d like to encourage everyone on this mailing list to check in and say hello on the D&D Minis forum, which I moderate. There’s a poll on there which I’d like everyone to vote on.

October’s game was a great success, an RPG-style quest that boasted 7 players, all trying to bust up Strahd‘s dinner party.  Gravetouched ghouls, horde zombies and skeletons put up a good fight in the first two levels, but were finally vanquished by an overwhelming tide of goodness. Those of you who were in on that uncompleted game, we will return to that in the near future. Then you’re in for it, goody two-shoes!

This month, we’re mixing it up a little bit. Since we had such an impressive crowd for last game, we’ll be doing two radically different games to showcase the multifarious mirth-attainment methods D&D Minis can provide. The first game will be a gigantic 500-point epic battle, with no minimum on warband size. If you want to build a warband of one or two figurines, that’s cool. For those of you who were around for our Rampage-themed game in August, this will be your chance at a monster-battle rematch.

The other option, for those of you who like to keep things intimate, will be the Tavern Riot. Build a 50-point warband of three or less units, and you will have a chance to pick sides in a no-holds-barred standoff between the rough and rowdy bar patrons and the no-nonsense local constabulary:

He was just just a good old barbarian, never meaning no harm. Sure, things (and people) tended to get broken around him, but the way he saw it, everything broke eventually. Too bad the local guardsmen rarely saw it that way. Anyhow, tonight was different.

Wulfgar slapped a silver piece down on the bar and belched noisily.

“Another flagon for me, barkeep, and one round for the house. To celebrate our victory over Goblin State!” The balding, flabby wretches playing cards at the tables all cheered in clumsy unison, quickly draining their mugs so the barmaid could refill them.

“To Wulfgar!” They cried. “To Icewind Tech!”

“To me!” Wulfgar roared in agreement, raising his oversized mug above his head. It was good to be the star quarterback, even in the frozen wastes. Years of throwing Aegis-Fang had given him a throwing arm that had led Icewind Tech’s football team to three consecutive All-Realms championships, despite a few questions from the Commission about the legality of his mystical strength potions.

As he positioned the mug to his lips, someone jostled him from behind. Precious ale spilled all over his yeti-fur tabard. He whirled madly, feeling the rage build up inside him. It was one of the weaklings he had just bought an ale, an old monk oblivious to Wulfgar’s tragedy. Well, that would soon change. Wulfgar picked up a chair. The barkeep, sensing impending disaster, began to ring the bell that would summon the king’s guard. …

Come on down Saturday, Nov. 3, and leave your cares and woes in the recycling bin provided. Winners of each game will receive fabulous prizes courtesy of Gamescape North. And if we have time, we’ll have the winners face off in a mini-tournament!

Worldwide D&D Day: Saturday, November 3rd, 12-7 pm
(Desert of Desolation Release: Friday, November 2nd)
Where: Gamescape North, San Rafael


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