April 2007: “Throwin’ Down the Gauntlet”

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Apr 20, 2007 

Greetings, miniature masters!

Zombie Dan here, Gamescape North‘s ambassador to the DDM community. Prime Miniature, if you like. I just crawled out of my tiny plastic coffin, and thought I’d let you all know we’ll be running yet another DDM event on Saturday, April 21st.

Last month was an action-packed 2-player “Castlevania-core” dungeon crawl featuring the intrepid vampire hunter Van Richten hunting down infamous bloodsucker Strahd. In his own castle! How rude. We really pressed our undead collections to the limit, and the 1000+ pt. battle raged until closing time.

Continuing with our DDM salute to classic video games, this month’s featured event is called “Throwin’ Down the Gauntlet“:

Don’t start what you can’t finish. That’s the first lesson they teach you at Wizard State. But someone has forgotten their lessons, and left open the gate to the Abyss. And in the Abyss, people keep their doors locked for a reason.

Dark forces squeeze through even darker portals, slaughtering good and evil alike. They have come to reclaim this world for their own. The Emperor will reward anyone who can close the gates and save the populace. Treasure-hungry adventurers have flocked to the now-defiled Wizard’s Castle, even brawling with each other for the chance at fame and fortune. Oh, did we mention there’s a princess?

Don’t shoot the food!

200-point warbands (no Epic, no Undead commanders)
Gametime: Saturday, April 21, 1:00 p.m. (try to be there by 12:30)
We will have an alternate scenario for any overflow, so everyone gets to play, folks. If you don’t have minis of your own, come on down anyway. You can take mine for a test drive.

Please send any inquiries to zombiedan@gmail.com or contact Gamescape at the address below. Thanks!

Gamescape North
1225 4th St.
San Rafael, CA 94901

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