May 2007: Blood Sport!

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Hello again. Zombie Dan here. The weather is getting tolerable again, though something always spoils that Perfect Day. This morning, it was my cat, waking me up at the crack of noon with a flying quadruple pounce to the head. We’ve barely had a chance to check Spring out from across the dance floor, and Summer is already staggering toward us like a jealous drunken boyfriend. It’s gonna be hot this summer, hotter than the Sorceror-King’s All-Athas Chili Cookoff.

Say, do you like gladiator movies? Who doesn’t? And what better way to, er, celebrate global warming than a no-holds barred pit fight under the cruel sun of Athas? That’s right, minis maniacs. The parched earth demands the blood of heroes. Actually, the blood of cowards will do the trick as well. Saturday, May 21, Gamescape North presents this month’s D&D Minis showdown: Blood Sport!

Inspired by the infamous DarkSun campaign setting, we’ll be hosting quick and dirty 100-point brawls in the gladiatorial arena. Just to keep things interesting, there’ll be random items and/or wandering monsters hidden around the pit of peril. If someone brings a piece of paper we’ll hold a little tournament. The winner gets the beverage of their choice, my treat. Bring Minis for trade in the bazaar, and feel free to form alliances and team names with other players! In the Pit, though, that’s a pie-crust promise, as Mary Poppins once said; easily made, easily broken.

The fun kicks off at 1pm, though feel free to come early, talk trash and assemble your team.

On a more serious note, there’s a real war on, and it’s a mess. Whatever your position on it, you gotta hand it to SPC David Amberson for putting together Iraq’s first RPG convention, Ziggurat Con , June 9th, right in the thick of it. Uh, that’s Role-playing Game, by the way. Amberson says the military’s gaming community could use donations of old books, dice, pencils, etc. If anyone could use a little break from reality, it’s these guys. Consider digging some of your old books out of the basement and sending the boys a little care package to this address:

SPC David Amberson
A Co 86th Sig Bn
APO, AE 09331

Or contact Amberson directly at: david.amberson (at)

And now, back to skinning the cat. See you at Gamescape!

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