May 2008: Sally 4th!

Oh, hello.

It is I, Zombie Dan, your plucky pilot through strange adventures in the D&D Miniatures universe at Gamescape North. (sigh) Sorry if I seem a little depressed. Last night I was perched atop the highest battlement at Chateau du Zombie, surveying the wondrous horrors that populate my personal demi-plane estate. Wayyyy down below, I began to hear guttural roaring and crashing sounds in the pre-dawn mist and blackness. Suddenly I noticed that my vast maze of black rosebushes, planted by my minions to resemble my grinning skeletal visage, was being torn apart by some pale little lumps. One feather fall later I discovered that my run of freakish luck of the past few months is continuing; somehow, the feral trolls had broken out of the basement! They ate the dozen or so cooks, smashed my favorite coffee mug, and worst of all, they didn’t even try to solve the maze as they made their escape. They might have simply walked around it, but… ah, well. That’s what comes of keeping trolls in one’s basement, I suppose. And those poor Halfling bakers never had a chance…

So the maze is totally ruined. Ugh. I shall have to dig up the rose bushes and put in… I know: a cursed, carnivorous gingerbread house! It’s sure to attract adventuring extraplanar dentists, just the thing to cheer me up. This plan could be a lot of fun. Maybe change can be good after all!

Speaking of change, I’m sure you’re all aware that D&D Miniatures has moved on to a brand new system, and are busily converting the old stats so that all the little guys we already have won’t be obsolete. In the meantime, we ought to put these new rules through their paces. Have you picked up some of the new set? Well, even if not, we’ll find a place for you at the table, as I’ll explain in a bit.

In other news, those of you attending KublaCon later this month will have a chance to jump in on a redux of Hengefolk!, a skirmish scenario we rocked at Gamescape last Fall. It was an afternoon of such silly fun that I’ve decided to take the same concept to the wider gaming community. This will be using the 3rd edition rules, just to be old-fashioned. Come on down and sign up for the battle, which I’ll be running at 1pm on Sunday, May 25. KublaCon will be held May 23-26 at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame. A contingent from Gamescape North will be there for the duration, so if you can make it to KublaCon, come by and say howdy!

The next weekend after that, we return to our regular monthly in-store bloodbath, though using different rules for the new aeon. Saturday, May 31, join us at Gamescape North for a 4th Edition skillshare session, Sally 4th!

As I write this, Wizards of the Coast has posted PDFs of rules conversions for the Desert of Desolation and Night Below series of minis, with more to follow. You can find those here, as well as the new rulebook. Any figurines from these sets or the new set (now available in-store) will be legal for our skirmish.

There’s a lot of new concepts to learn, so I’ll be helping you get started. We’ll be starting small, each player building two 100-point warbands. This way we can work together on both creative warband-building and with figuring out gameplay. All ages and levels of expertise are welcome. In addition, we’ll have temporary printouts of the new cards available for those who only have the old figurines.

The fun starts at 1, as usual. Come early to ask questions, roam around the shop like a minotaur, and have amusing encounters with our NPC merchants! I’ll be exploring forgotten, booby-trapped temples of the mind, bullwhip in one hand, coffee cup in the other.


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