July 2007 – “The Great Escape!”

My goodness, how time flies! As effortlessly as a giggling flameskull over difficult terrain! The pages of my calendar are charred, all the way down to – aha! July, already? Yes, my fellow purveyors of petite plastic pugilists, I, Zombie Dan, have returned to haunt your inbox. On behalf of Gamescape North, um…BOO!

Last month’s game, City of the Outcasts, was a 2-map triumph. We got a little experimental, overlaying one of the new city maps with the creepy sewer map. Corresponding sewer grate tiles we placed on each map (Sewer A, Sewer B, etc.) allowed the players to move the battle above and below ground seamlessly. Itsh a fine day for a walk, thought the tavern brawler, staggering toward the sewer grate. Perhapsh I’ll just avoid the (hic) huge battle over there. Down the hatch!

It turned out to be an unfortunate day for local vamp Count Strahd, however, who went from mild annoyance to gibbering dread as his army of undead minions was ganged up on by two other 200-pt. warbands. He barely had time to turn to vapor before he was dispatched and flushed down the drain… In any case, the mix-and-map experiment was loads of fun. I encourage y’all to try it at home…


July promises to be a hot one. Perhaps not the dry burn of May’s DarkSun pit fight, but just as deadly. Here, though, it’s not the heat that’ll kill ya. It’s the humidity.This month’s Gamescape D&D Minis adventure, Saturday, July 21st: The Great Escape!

It’s hard up here for a lizardman. The swamps are teeming with adventurers and troublemakers, looking for lost cities of gold and legendary magical herbs. The Reptilian Guard knows how to deal with them, though: The dreaded Prison Farm of Mold Marsh! Here, detainees work long hours under the watchful whip of the slavemaster, with nothing to eat but claw fungus and murky pond water. And don’t give him any ‘o your warm-blooded lip, or you’ll go in the hot-box with the kobolds.

They say nobody gets outta here alive. But you saw the lizardman guard slump in his chair, drunk on dwarven spirits. Now’s your chance for The Great Escape! Slosh through goopy marshes, vault over razor wire and cough your way through putrid swamp gas. But watch out! The sentries are wide awake, taking pot shots at escaping convicts from the guard towers. Sure, that might be against the law back home. But in Mold Marsh, the only law comes from the Lizard King. And he can do anything.

Saturday, July 21st, Come on down to Gamescape North for a no-holds-barred D&D Miniatures skirmish. 200-point warbands, unless a mob of players show up and we have to adjust things. The violence starts at 1pm, but come early enough to sign up and talk trash. Gamescape North is providing some delightful prizes for winners. I’ll be there by noon to drink coffee and stare off into space.


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