August 2007: “Rampage!”

Salutations, Marshals of the Miniature!

Zombie Dan here once again with the latest news digest for the Gamescape D&D Minis community. First, a little shout out to our regular players: It’s been a busy summer for many of us, and we’re very pleased that you’ve taken a day out of each hectic month to help us build up Minis Game Day, considering that I’m not the most organized host sometimes, and I often – um, “experiment” with the rules. We’ve got a good thing going now, and as more people get involved, I promise to make the games weirder and more fun, stretching my fevered little brain (and your patience) to critical levels.

Last month’s four-player theme brawl was “The Great Escape“, a fun little prison scenario that ended up with more than a little roleplaying. Best matchup: The Marut facing down the Pit Fiend at the prison gates. Needless to say, the forces of good were able to quell the brief prison rebellion, and are working with the Pit Fiend’s gang to design a cafeteria menu they can all agree upon.

On Saturday, Aug. 18, we’re bringing out the big boys as we return to our series of games modeled on the great arcade games of the 80s. Dust off your giant monsters for a 500-point Epic metropolitan free-for-all: Rampage!

It’s been years since the giant monsters last came to visit Halfling Acres, and thank your lucky stars. They’re terrible houseguests; they eat cattle like popcorn, devour damsels and children for breakfast, crush buildings when they walk, and never change their socks. When they snore, the ground shakes and cracks open. Their fleas, roughly the size of wolves, are a buzzing vampire plague that terrorizes the barony and lays giant eggs that block our doorways. We halflings run a tight ship. Do you have any idea how much soap it takes to get muddy Black Dragon claw prints off your roof? Ecch. It spoils our appetites, if you must know.

We suspect the gnomes up in the hill for this latest disaster; it’s just their kind of prank. We don’t have proof, but somebody sent the monsters invitations to a wrestling match – in our town square! The winner, it is said, gets to eat our entire town. Does FEMA respond to this sort of disaster? Someone will have to pay for this. That is, if anyone is left…

Saturday, Aug. 18, bring your Epic minis for a no-holds-barred 500-point brawl. Four-figurine maximum per warband. Several buildings will have hit points, and when destroyed they will give your warband victory points (and occasionally, food)! The carnage starts at 1pm, but try to be there no later than 12:30 to sign up, trade minis, and size up the competition. See you there!


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