Home By Christmas – A Game of World War I


Home By Christmas – A Game of World War I – by Dan Abbott

Genre – 2-4 player Military Strategy board game (hex map, d6 based) w/ heavy influence of Character and Strategy cards

Theme – Historical (World War One)

HookHome by Christmas is distinctive for its depiction of World War I’s brutal attrition, colorful card-driven characters who evoke the often-detached military and political leadership of the era, and the game’s historically accurate simplicity.

Elevator pitch – Home by Christmas is a card-driven board game that puts players in command of the industrial horrors of the Great War, from artillery and tanks to poison gas and machine guns. Players must struggle to reinforce their armies despite the killing power of new weapons, grinding trench warfare and political turmoil. Use intrigue, unique characters, and technology advances to break through your opponent’s line, and bring the troops home victorious…or not at all.


Dan Abbott


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