Bobby Joe Ebola Announces new album and Patreon campaign!

A Black & white photo of a recording studio mixing board, with a coffee cup on a stool in the foreground
Dan & Corbett are back at it again!

Hello there! Dan & Corbett here from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. We’re reaching out because we thought you might like to know that we’re currently hard at work on a new album, our first in 12 years – a double LP we’re calling Solar Cantata. And with that, we are excited to announce the launch of the Bobby Joe Ebola Patreon campaign! For about a cup of coffee a month, patrons will get an inside look at the making of Solar Cantata, gain access to vault songs, essays, livestream home concerts, and weekly profiles of the more than 50 musicians appearing on the record, and help fund the home stretch of album production. The official pre-order Kickstarter campaign also launches very soon, so stay tuned for updates on that and other exciting Bobby Joe Ebola news!

Musically, Solar Cantata is some of the best work we’ve ever done, with dozens of guest musicians from all over the Bobby Joe Ebolaverse, and beyond. And of course Solar Cantata’s 20 songs themselves will take you in a lot of different directions. From the unceasing stream of horrors we call current events to the indignities of middle age, from the end of the world to fart jokes. We still have a ways to go at Palm and Vine Recording before it’s finished, but it’s shaping up to be (we think) the best album we’ve ever made. And if we can raise the funds to get it done before climate doom or societal collapse, we believe this album has a shot at becoming essential listening for the tribes of wasteland scavengers who will come after us.

So go visit the link, sign up as a Patreon subscriber and become part of an incredible experience that culminates with the last rock’n’roll album you’ll ever need.