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REM Travel Agency provides evenings of interactive storytelling and roleplaying in a private and comfortable setting.

Tired of living your life in front of a screen? Are you looking for a cheap evening of entertainment with your friends? Do you want a relaxing evening of cooperation and imaginative problem-solving?

Gamers: Are you too busy to put together an evening’s game? Are you wondering when you’ll ever play D&D again?

Through the use of classic roleplaying games (RPGs), players find themselves inhabiting fantastic worlds of epic adventure, custom-made to one’s preferences. “Zombie Dan” Abbott is your guide through these infinite worlds. Danger, suspense, comedy and romance await the bold explorer in adventure sessions of consensual hallucination which can last 4-7 hours, in the comfort of your own home. Be a hero or villain, a wizard or warrior, in epic battles and chilling intrigues.

You and your friends become the actors and participants in a storytelling game. Zombie Dan is your referee and narrator, providing everything you need for your tabletop adventure. Pencils, dice, books, maps and miniatures…. all you provide is any snacks or refreshments you might need, and your IMAGINATIONS.

Games can be tailor-made for experience levels, age appropriateness, fantasy genres, and game length. Not so familiar with roleplaying games? I’ll teach you the ropes in your first session.

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About me:

I am an experienced roleplayer and gamemaster, with an extensive RPG library and several detailed RPG worlds already created over the course of the last decade. Some folks call me “Zombie Dan” because I wrote a rock opera and a movie script about zombies, and I play music with an all-monster jug band. I keep creating and writing and coming up with crazy ideas, and gaming is just one way that I can put it to use.

Your game:

Clients may choose from these game systems, though other experiences can be specially arranged:

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st & 2nd Editions) – high fantasy
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition – high fantasy
  • Gamma World – sci-fi/post-apocalyptic
  • Heroes Unlimited -superhero
  • Deadlands – wild west/steampunk horror
  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten – zombie survival horror
  • Call of Cthulu – 20th century horror/suspense
  • Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures – miniatures skirmish battle

Sessions range in price, but generally range from $10-20 per person, plus travel expenses. Three player minimum, six player maximum.

We can accommodate a variety of needs:

  • pre-existing gaming groups
  • individuals who want to join a game
  • experienced or novice players
  • single- episode games
  • extended campaigns

If you have a full gaming group that simply needs a dungeon master, that’s fine. If you are an individual who wants to join a game, we will place you in one based on experience level: In a game group of experienced gamers, no more than one novice will generally be permitted, as it slows the game down. If you have a group of gaming novices who want to learn roleplaying games, we can easily arrange a “beginner’s game”.

Out-call is preferred, but I am willing to host games at Chateau du Zombie in East Oakland. Locations outside the San Francisco Bay Area may be considered if travel expenses and lodging are covered. Get in contact and let’s work it out.

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