Other Worlds

With Random Encounters, you get a custom made adventure vacation. But to where? Here are just a few of the settings available for either single adventures or extended campaigns.

  • Rise of the Antha’ar
    A new religion has come to the bustling port town of Ma’Sheorun, taken over by human fanatics preaching the destruction of all nonhumans. An uneasy trading partnership with the dwarves holds for now, but clouds of war are darkening. Darker forces still gather and play their intrigues, as the wars between the gods get personal.
  • City on a Hill
    Long ago, the elves abandoned their imperial capitol, sailing westward toward their sun god. Humans settled in their wake, and their rough imitation of elvish greatness sparked a 300-year golden age of Man on this vast island. But the city has long-buried & deadly secrets, and from across the sea, a new enemy arises.
  • Bronze Ambition
    In this nod to the ancient world (roughly 1200-300 BCE) powerful Bronze Age city-states eye each other warily and vie for regional domination. Priests of technology have uncovered the secret to iron, and the balance of power is about to shift. Enter the world of bronze helmets and sandal-clad prophets, of capricious gods and vengeful monsters, and of heroes.
  • A Rose, A Door
    Inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels, this campaign combines sci-fi, fantasy, and gritty post-apocalyptic scenarios: In a dying world, survivors eke out a meager feudal existence, countless generations after the destruction of the Ancient People. But this world’s fate is tied to that of all other worlds by the Dark Tower, the linchpin at the center of all things that holds together space and time. But someone is trying to destroy the tower, and holes have begun to appear in the fabric of reality. Gunslingers and wizards fight through the multiverse alongside robots and demons, or turn on each other on their path to the Tower. (Click here to check out the Gunslinger character class created for this campaign)

We can, of course, create custom worlds to all tastes and experience levels. Get in touch today!

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