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Welcome adventurers!
REM Travel Agency provides evenings of interactive storytelling and roleplaying in a private and comfortable setting. Tired of living your life in front of a screen? Are you looking for a cheap evening of entertainment with your friends? Do you want a relaxing evening of cooperation and imaginative problem-solving?Gamers: Are you too busy to put together an evening’s game? Are you wondering when you’ll ever play D&D again?

Epic Quests – Without the hassle!

Through the use of classic roleplaying games (RPGs), players find themselves inhabiting fantastic worlds of epic adventure, custom-made to one’s preferences. Danger, suspense, comedy and romance await the bold explorer in adventure sessions of consensual hallucination which can last 4-7 hours, in the comfort of your own home. Be a hero or villain, a wizard or warrior, in epic battles and chilling intrigues.

You and your friends become the actors and participants in a storytelling game. The Dungeon Master is your referee and narrator, providing everything you need for your tabletop adventure. Pencils, dice, books, maps and miniatures…. all you provide is any snacks or refreshments you might need, and your IMAGINATIONS.

Games can be tailor-made for experience levels, age appropriateness, fantasy genres, and game length. Not so familiar with roleplaying games? I’ll teach you the ropes in your first session.

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About me:

I am an experienced roleplayer and game-master, with an extensive RPG library and several detailed RPG worlds already created over the course of the last decade.  I have been telling stories for over 20 years in music, film, performance and games. I found it harder and harder to get together with my friends for game night. Who has time to put together a D&D adventure when everyone’s got jobs, families or just insane schedules? Well, I guessdo.

Your game:

Clients may choose from a variety of game systems, though Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is currently is the default system.

ADVENTURE KITS – Choose how much control you want over your gaming experience.

Guided Tour – A pre-written (approximately) 4-hour adventure in a game world of my creation, this option requires very little effort on your part. Comes with a wide selection of pre-rolled characters to choose from, and an assortment of detailed game worlds (click link for more info).

Classic Adventure – This option includes character creation sessions by arrangement, via email, phone, or in person. I then customize a world to fit your characters, making them the stars of the adventure.

Lost Weekend – A compact two day gaming marathon, perfect for weekend warriors and sleepover parties. This offers the opportunity for up to 16 hours of gaming in 2 days.

Epic Quest – This is much like the Classic Adventure, but involves multiple gaming episodes, which connect together in an epic story arc. Think of it like the story arc on a season of your favorite TV show. This requires a bit of extra logistical stuff (how often can your group get together and play

Sessions range in price, but start at $20 per player, plus travel expenses. Three player minimum, six player maximum. Get in touch today and arrange dates and rates!

Contact: dungeonmaster@irritain.com